Tuesday, 4 July 2017


We are learning to present our thinking and ideas in a range of ways.  
Context: Matariki
We will have been successful when we have gathered our vocabulary around Matariki and presented it in a word cloud on our learning blog.

We went to to build our word clouds.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Te Reo Māori Words For Clothing/Kākahu

In He Kākano we have been learning how to say the words for clothing/Kākahu in Te Reo Māori. Watch my slide show and video below so that you can learn too!

Traditional Māori Clothing/Kakahu

On Friday mornings I participate in the He Kākano which is a senior Te Reo Māori extension class. We are learning about Māori language and culture. This term we have been learning about Māori clothing and we had a go at creating our own garments. This is our work. Please leave a thoughtful, positive, helpful and kind comment.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Golf D.L.O

Ruma Tahi recently participated in the activity golf. We had to spend the afternoon learning how to correctly hold a golf club and how to hit the golf ball. We first started off by learning how to correctly hold a golf club by using flags. We then learnt with our flags how to correctly get the right movement for the perfect hit.

Chris was the main person who taught us how to hit the ball and swing our golf club. Chris then set up this little set up with objects. Standing person by person in our line chris taught us how to prepare for out hit.

When we stood in out lines we had to set yourself up for the hit and hit then once everyone hit their ball we had to go stand where it landed. I was pretty proud of myself because I got the furthest hit for a girl in my line.


After this exciting afternoon back at school we had to write a thank you letter to our choice, I chose to

write to Chris :


Dear Chris

I would like to say a huge thank you for taking your spare time to give us the best afternoon yet! I've never actually played golf before apart from mini golf up in Nelson. At first I was very nervous because I didn't want to look silly  if i missed a shot! I realised one thing, It's okay to fail! I failed a couple times but I just ended up laughing and giving it another go until I got it right.

Every Christmas my family goes to Nelson for a couple weeks to camp. Me and my cousin Courtney always go mini golfing. I wasn't too bad at golfing considering I got some tips from you. I just want to say thank you for your great positivity towards this afternoon and your great attitude.

I actually know to hold a golf club the correct way now. It's so different to mini golf considering the golf clubs are a lot smaller. My favorite part about this afternoon was the fact that I got the longest hit for a girl in my line! I was pretty proud of myself for actually hitting the ball but for getting the longest distance it was incredible!

Once again thank you so so so much for your time this afternoon I really appreciate you coming out all this way to teach Room One golf tips and tricks. From someone who didn't want to participate in this activity I think I’ve done pretty well,I never gave up and I gave it a go!  

Nāka noa


Matariki Poem

Matariki the Māori New Year
Where whanau and tamariki gather midyear

Seven shining stars up in the freezing cold dark blue sky
Only being able to see whitu, with the naked eye

The loud rumbling of our hiakai stomachs
As we smell the delicious earthy smell of our reka kai cooking

In this special occasion
We hear the soft waiata of our Kapa Haka rōpū
      this is a moment to remember those who sadly passed

Matariki is here!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


You have a picture of a yacht or a catamaran.  There is one sail on the yacht.  Your challenge is to:

  • Create a matching sail for your yacht.
  • Explain how you would work out how much material would be required to make both sails.Jun 21, 2017 11:44:45 AM.jpg

First of all I got given a boat picture with a triangle shaped sail.  I had to measure the inside of my sail. Once I got the measurements I had to use them to create the exact same sail. Once I cut out my sail I had to match them up to make a rectangle and work out the area. The measurements I got were 5cm for the width and 11.6 cm for my height. To work out the area I knew that I have to multiply those two results together to recieve the area. So I went 5cm x 11.6cm which equals 58cm².


  1. Take your boat and measure the inside of your sail

  1. Once you have your measurements you then need to get a piece of paper and use your measurements to draw up that exact same sail on a different colour piece of paper

  1. After your sail has been drawn up cut your sail out

  1. Once you have cut your sail out then you are going to want to  place it so that your two sails (triangles) create a rectangle shape

  1. Once you have a rectangle you are now going to work out the area by multiplying the width by the height, in my case 5 cm x 11.6 cm = 58 cm²

  1. After that take your piece of coloured paper and glue it down so that it creates a sail and has the same reflection as the sail on the left.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

D.L.O Statistics

Create - Mathematics. We are learning to plan and conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle:
- determining appropriate variables and data collection methods;
- gathering, sorting, and displaying multivariate category, and time series data to detect patterns, variations, relationships and trends;
- comparing distributions visually;
- communicating findings, using appropriate displays.

We will have met the success criteria when we
  • Develop an understanding of how to use a tally chart and a frequency table.
  • Use a spreadsheet to record our tally / frequency data.
  • Correctly develop a graph or chart using a spreadsheet programme. (Google Sheets)
  • Develop a clear statement based on our graphed data and share our learning on our learning blogs.
In Room One we had to complete a task for our dragon maths. In dragon  maths we had to search through a newspaper and count how many articles were on each page, then write our findings down.

Jun 14, 2017 11:58:36 AM.jpg

 Screenshot 2017-06-14 at 12.06.58 PM.png

Looking at my data page 17-18 had the most articles with the result of seventeen articles. Most likely because the articles are smaller. The smaller the articles are the more articles can fit onto one page.

From the results of my data page 11-12 and 10-20 have the lease articles of the result of 1. Most likely this is because the articles are a lot bigger which mean they take up more space so other articles can’t fit onto the page.